The Big Temple, Thanjavur - India's Greatest Architectural Wonder! A magnificent glory of Chola!
Main Nandhi

The Main Nandhi is made up of huge monolithic stone and 13 feet in height. It is housed in a Mandapam with numerous pillars. It is believed that the Nandhi and the mandapam were erected during the Nayaks period. Usually the Nadhi is erected after the flagmast, but here it is erected before the flagmast, such a Nandhi is called Porkala Nandhi or Wartime Nandhi.

Karuvur Devar shrine

Karuvur Devar is the alleged to be the spritual guru of Rajaraja-I and is one of the authors of Thiruvisai pa(Devotional renditions on Lord shiva). This shrine is located in the west portion of the temple in the Prahara which is a recent addition to the Brahadeeswara temple complex during this century. Karuvurar is also considered as one of the 18 siddhars.