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Rajaraja Cholan the Great - Extras
Valiant Warrior

Rajarajan began his career by the conquest of the Chera country. He defeated Chera King Bhaskara Ravivarman, whose fleet he destroyed in the port of Kandalur. He also seized Pandya Amara Bhujanga and captured the port of Vilinam. By his campaign against the Singhalees he annexed northern Ceylon, building a number of stone temple in the Ceylonese capital Polonnaruva, of which one now stands to Shiva. It was at about the 14th year of his reign (AD 998-999) that most of his triumphs were achieved. He conquered the Gangas of Mysore(capital at Talakad), the country of Nolambas (Bellary and Eastern Mysore), Tadigaipadi (the district of Mysore), vengi (southern part of Northern Circars), Coorg (kudamalainadu) and the Pandyas. Having overcome the Cheras and Pandyas Rajarajan assumed the title "Mummudi Cholan". The Western and the Eastern Chalukyas of the Deccan were conquered next. His naval campaigns included victories over Lakswadeep and Maldives which laid the foundation for the later chola imperial naval conquests by his son Rajendra Chola.

Administrator Par Excellence

He also established many hospitals called athurasalais to tend to the ailing. He developed excellent irrigation system to make his country the rice bowl of south India.His local administration includes measuring of all his kingdom and declaring a set proportion as tax free land where the revenue generated was used for charitable purposes like to temples and infirmaries. His revenue system was unique as noted in his coinage, though most of his coins bore the tiger the chola emblem on one side and the bow ( Chera), tiger and fish (pandya emblem) denoting he was the ruler of all three kingdoms, He had separate coins in which he had a man with tiger under him or Bow or Fish which might have meant for local circulation in the regions.

Rajarajan Other Titles

Abaya Kula Sekaran   -   The one who protects

Azhakiya Cholan   -   Handsome Cholan

Ranamuga Bhimar   -   Bhima (valiant Pandava prince) in the Warfront

Ravikula Maanickam   -   (Gem of the Descendents of Sun)

Raja Sarvakngar(Sarvagnan)   -   Royal Omniscient

Cholendra Simhar   -   (Chola Lion)

Uyya Kondaar   -  

Keralanthagar   -   Destroyer of Kerala(chera)

Sanda Parakiramar   -   The famous one who performs valiant deeds in the battlefield

Singalanthagar   -   Destroyer of Sinhalas

Nithavinothar   -   One who does soemthing innovative all the time

Nigarili Cholar   -   The incomparable Chozha

Panditha Cholar   -   The learned Chozha

Pandiya Kulanaasini   -   Destroyer of the Pandiyan race

Periya Perumal   -  

Mummudi Cholar   -   Chola worn all the three crowns of Chera, Chola and Pandya

Moorthivikramaabaranar   -  

Jananathar   -   Peoples King

Jeyamgonda Cholar   -   Victorious Chola

Keerthi Parakiramar   -   The famous one who performs valiant deeds

Chola Narayanar   -   Vaishnavite Chola

Arul Mozhi Varmar (Arumozhivarmar)   -   The one who utters precious words (Arumai + mozhi)

Sivapathasekaran   -   Humble Slave at Lord Siva’s feet