The Big Temple, Thanjavur - India's Greatest Architectural Wonder! A magnificent glory of Chola!
Meikeerthi[True Fame]

Rajaraja Chola the Great was the first Chola King to document archives of his rule in the form of written evidence on stone tablets and copper plates.

These recorded his achievements, his philanthropy, his judicial decisions, his administration, irrigation and healthcare systems.

In the famous inscriptions in the Rajarajeeswaram( Brahadeeswara temple) complex he records not only the donations given by him and his sister and relatives ,the noblemen but also the commoners who donated to the temple.

The Udayarkudi inscriptions record the punishment Rajaraja Chola gave to the traitors who killed his brother the crown prince Aditha Karikalan in the second year of his rule. Interestingly Rajaraja Chola let his uncle Uthama Chola for 16 years after the assassination of the crown prince Aditha Karikalan and then ascended the throne. The punishment he gave is again very novel since the miscreants were Brahmins he couldn’t sentence them to death instead he confisticated all their power and properties and evicted them with their families from his kingdom.